Four cool CX stories you probably didn’t know yet (episode 10)

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The company hosts “experience-a-thons” that give front-line employees the chance to test new products and provide honest feedback. The idea is that employees can point out potential issues and offer fresh perspectives.

After test driving a car, potential Tesla customers are sent a link so they can configure their car and learn about pricing. Instead of wasting time with unnecessary sales pitches, Tesla gives customers the information to make their own decisions. That matters to customers—73% of customers say valuing their time is the most important thing companies can do to provide great service.


When a Capital One customer spilled orange juice over his keyboard it resulted in a “2” key that failed to work. This number 2 was part of his account number with Capital One, which made logging into his online banking account impossible. Having posted his predicament on social media, a member of the Capital One support team saw it and decided to send him a brand new keyboard! In a handwritten note, Janeth and Adam from Capital One explain how the bank thought about sending just the “2” key—but decided to go all out with a brand new keyboard.


A best man in a wedding had ordered the shoes the groom picked from Zappos, selecting 3-day shipping to make sure the shoes arrived on time. Unfortunately, his planning was thwarted when his package was sent to the wrong location. It was the day before Jay had to fly to the wedding, and UPS refused to hold the package for him at the shipment center. Desperate, Jay called Zappos to see if they could do something to help. Zappos rose to the occasion and overnighted Jay a new pair of shoes, upgraded his account to “VIP” to get free overnight shipping, and gave him a full refund for the shoes.