From advertising to activation… a Belgacom story

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And they did it again … the new TV ad with the two children educating their parents is a big hit again. Now already 63 000 fans on Facebook 60 000 views (over different videos) on

Very nice, but what about it … Well in the first campaign everyone knewabout the ad and talked about it with friends. Most of us used the ‘Who took my badjas’ sentence regularly at that time. But no one was talking about the brand Belgacom. I even think the fanpage on Facebook was not initiated by them. Now Belgacom has evolved and has worked on the activation part. Due to the success of the new movie they got a lot of requests of parents who would like to have their children in the next Belgacom ad. They immediately acted upon this and started a new campaign triggering the activation. Parents can go to and send in their children’s’ version of the quotes in the ad. Of course parents can post the movie on social media to spread the word.

I’m sure in this case, more people will know that Belgacom is behind the TV ad. By owning the Facebook page they can interact more with their fans, which they do, but they can go further in my opinion. They facilitate the conversation but do not join it actively. (Except for the postings of bloopers or pictures.) Some of the reactions can lead to interesting ideas, conversations and I’m sure sales. Some examples (in Dutch):

Belgacom 1

Belgacom 2

And due to the this hit, I’m sure more people will remember that the previous one … was also Belgacom!