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The intro video is pretty cool and activates consumers to start their M&M hunt in the city of Toronto. Tips are posted on Facebook and Twitter to guide the gamers through the streets. Each day (until 4/12/2010) there are three chances to find ‘Red’.

By following the game on Foursquare, players gain further clues as the Red M&M checks in to locations. Extra tips are unlocked each time the player covers 30km via Street View. Back on Toronto terra firma, hints are being left via QR codes on posters or barcodes on packs of the sweetMore tips can be found in the Toronto streets. There are hidden tips on posters and M&M packages, consumers can scan them via the Stickybits App. Once they have found Red, players are encouraged to keep quiet about their find and log the details by clicking a button – each success giving them extra entries into a sweepstake to win a red Smart car. Fifteen runners up will receive an iPod, cinema tickets and free M&Ms. Looks like a pretty fun game. Maybe there is a missed opportunity to give participants some free M&M’s during the game. Once they’ve found a first clue, some M&M’s may motivate them to continue the game. Just wondering now how many people will participate and click their way to Toronto. What are your thoughts?