Google launches Pages for Google+: Another platform to start the conversation

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Yesterday, Google launched “Pages†for Google+, to let you connect with people, places and businesses/brands among others. The feature has been long-awaited and discussed, since the main competitor in the social network space Facebook has had Pages for businesses, organizations, and people for some time (at InSites Consulting, we got one, too). TheNextWeb thinks, the pages function is “a bit of catch-up playing”, at the same time it’s a welcome addition to the Google+ platform, they think. Yes, this is another platform to start the conversation. Will you?

Companies, persons and places who’ve already made a Google+ Page and have started the conversation on the Google platform:

Last week I’ve received a mail from LinkedIn, the business social network. It stated: “Engage Your audience with Company Status Updates”. So, on LinkedIn, companies can share what they’re up to, too… Each social network needs a different content approach. So that’s a lot of work for conversation managers and social media managers. Feeding your company’s homes on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ requires a bit more work than just crossposting with what you share on Twitter 😉 In fact, that’s a stupid thing to do…

So, what do you think? Should companies embrace this new Google possibility to connect with their consumers and start the conversation. Or is this just another channel and maybe “a channel too much”? Will companies skip Google+? Fiat doesn’t, here’s why and how they are on Google+:

“A brand which has always been focused on new technology like Fiat immediately grasped this opportunity (innovative and user-friendly, in the purest spirit of the brand) to come into contact with customers and fans. Already today (the second day of operation of Hangout), Panda Style Manager Roberto Giolito will be linking up with eight Dutch fans on the Fiat page to share the experience of the creation of new car with them. During the videoconference online they will talk about how the Panda was created, and they will discuss the project, the design and the main features of the model. […] For Fiat, Google+ is a way to come into contact with customers and fans, who in addition to being the testimonials of the brand can “really” speak – directly and face-to-face – with those who are designing, building and marketing the cars. Finally, the Circles functions (lists of friends, family members and acquaintances) can be used to create long-lasting relationships with interesting people, in addition to pages.”

While we’re at it, maybe you’ll find this also an interesting article on TheNextWeb as well: “Google+ head responds to Zuckerberg: “We’re delighted to be underestimatedâ€.