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So, the people of Facebook did a little research about how to engage and conversate when you’re a journalist…. at Facebook. That’s some trustworthy research done by the social networking giant, but oh well: there were some findings that are a) very interesting and can b) can be extrapolated to other persons than journalists. They are human, too, you know. 🙂
Vadim Lavrusik, Journalist Program Manager & Betsy Cameron, Data Analyst at Facebook presented the following highlights in the research:

  • Starting the conversation: Posts that include a question or call to action from the journalist received the highest amount of feedback.
  • Personal analysis is effective: Posts that included the journalist’s analysis and personal reflections had 20% more referral clicks than that of an average post.
  • Images work:  Photos received 50% more likes than non-photo posts, and journalists who shared links that included a thumbnail image in the link preview received 65% more likes and 50% more comments than posts that did not include images.

While posts that included a question only accounted for 10% of the posts sampled on the pages of journalists, posts with questions received 2 times more comments and 64% more feedback overall than an average post. The top posting styles, according to the research:

  • Posts that asked questions or sought user input: +64%
  • Call to read or take a closer look: +37%
  • Personal reflections or behind-the-scenes posts: +25%
  • Posts with catchy/clever language or tone: +18%

Ok, so that’s for journalists. What does this tell the average marketeer or marcomprofessional about engagement and being conversation worthy (getting feedback and likes). A lot, in my opinion. When you want to drive interactions, it’s good to ask questions at Facebook, it’s great to have a personal approach, and do you know the saying about the picture that tells more than a thousand words? It works, also on Facebook.

Via: HuffPostTech.