How to go Viral with Video Content Marketing

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Online content marketing is a fairly recent marketing trend whereby companies or brands offer relevant and valuable online content to their target audiences. They do that to attract, acquire and engage new customers.

Content marketing can come in many different forms and flavours: press releases, blog posts, Slideshare presentations or even social media messages such as tweets, Facebook or LinkedIn posts. Video, however, is the most powerful medium, as it appeals to a combination of human senses: motion, sight and sound.

When perceived as being valuable, your content will be shared and generate additional visibility outside your own website. Make sure your video is embeddable by other websites. Therefore, video content marketing is a very engaging way to effectively spread your message.

Browse the slides of the Explania presentation at Internet World 2011:

[slideshare id=8070254&doc=explaniainternetworldpresentation-110523114801-phpapp02]