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Connecting with fans of your brand or company is really amazing. Whether you engage with them via your Facebook fanpage, get in a dialogue via twitter or invite fans over to your office – it is really inspiring to interact with them on a regular basis. I am a true fan of fans.

Just like Rijn Vogelaar describes in his book The Superpromoter – the power of enthusiasm; fans give you and your team a real boost of positive energy. While at the same time they offer valuable feedback – so you keep both feet firmly on the ground. Don’t think that because they “like†you, they will love everything you do – take my word on this: they don’t! But that is great anyway. It keeps your thinking sharp, make you want to do even better and work just that bit harder.

Fans can be really critical at times. But this is often out of their love for your brand or company. Because you both have this shared passion – at least I hope you love working for your brand and are in a way a fan yourself – the feedback they provide is really constructive and seems to be much easier to accept, because you both “work†on this shared goal: making the brand (even) better.

Recently I met with some fans of Yunomi in Belgium and The Netherlands. My team just launched a wonderful ambassador program for this “for women, by women†community in the Benelux. These so called Nominees were invited to meet the Yunomi team and get a peek behind the scenes. They were really excited to meet the editors. But it was also brilliant for us to get to know the women who enjoy the fruits of our everyday labor.

I know I will definitely be consulting them in the near future to bounce off my ideas. Feedback from fans is truly invaluable. So I advise you all to go out and become a fan of your fans yourself!