Improve your advertising agency’s work and get a higher ROI in your campaigns with social media

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I’ve been working in agencies my entire life, and sometimes I get the question ‘what makes a great campaign’? The definition of ‘great campaign’ I like to use is one that is ‘succesfull’ in getting more business for the advertiser.

Actually, I think there are two basic ingredients for great campaigns: an idea and an insight.

The idea is the ‘easy’ part (or so you think). It’s the creative execution of a briefing, and that’s what you’ve got your agency for.

The other ingredient, the insight, is something else. The definition of an insight is ‘the capacity to gain an accurate and deep intuitive understanding of a person or thing’. It’s the key to really speak to our audience, in understanding what they need and what drives them. If an advertising campaign is ‘spot on’ a great insight… then you are a great step closer to huge success. And that’s where the problem lies.

Seldomly an agency recieves a briefing from a client with a true great insight in it. So, what happens is that he agency comes up with an insight (in the best case) or you end up with product-driven advertising… that passes like a fly without catching attention or changing consumer’s behavior.

So, what does it take to get a true great insight?

Understand your target group. And isn’t Social Media a great laboratorium to ask and test insights? If you have an established Social Media approach, you could create a ‘lab’ with your most reactive social media leads. There you can ‘test’ different insights and see how your leads react. If you don’t have a Social Media approach (and thus still rely heavily on your more classic advertising ) then it can be a relevant idea to start Social Media as a lab to test insights.

You’ll know when you hit a good one if there’s massive response or relevant response that is eye-opening to your business. Then, you’ll only need to give this insight to your agency in order for them to create an impactful and successful campaign!

So, if you were reluctant to start Social Media… then you’ve just gotten an extra reason to start!