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Marketing is dead. Social media will rule. We the media. Me the media. The consumer is in control. From push to pull. Advertising is dead. It’s about acts, not ads. Consumers in the boardroom. Marketing is way too important to leave it to the marketing department. You know where this is getting to, right? Familiar with these types of slogans, marketing the start of the new marketing era? Not? Well, you are, right now. And to illustrate the change a bit more, you can also make the distinction between inbound marketing and outbound marketing. Inbound = the way to go. Outbound = dead. Sure? No, not at all. Check out the infographic first (click on it to enlarge) before we tell you what we think is wrong with it:

Crossing media

I once interviewed an executive at Microsoft. She was spending millions on tv ads to launch Internet Explorer 8. I knew she was very digital minded and I considered here, still do, as a really smart person. I couldn’t understand she was using tv to get people to use a browsers on the web. It seemed silly, to me, at that time. I was pre-occupied, clearly had the online virus. Because: television (yes, outbound marketing, yes that’s one way, no education, little addded marketing value) is a very well working medium for branding and creating awareness about products. Throwing television advertising away as NOT the way to go… it’s just stupid.

The combination of media, a 360 approach, the best of the offline and the online world, be there at every touchpoint, fish where the fish are: crossing media. Pull the plug for a second, take the bigger picture and think of a combination of media to achieve your marketing goals…

Via: PowerPR.