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Jamie OliverIt works like this: OpenIDEO offers a platform for tackling a creative or big idea brief, sponsored or contributed by companies, groups, authorities etc. Oliver’s brief is entitled ‘how can we raise kids’ awareness of the benefits of fresh food so they can make better choices?’

Participants in the community can then share ideas around a few central themes: ‘engage’, ‘play’ and ‘family’. After that, other people in the community help shape the idea. And in the last phase, people start to select the real breakthrough ideas. The well known way of working like Lego and Starbucks are doing in their co-creation communities.

This is no new approach, it’s no big news, but the cause is great. I’m a guy who likes good food. At this point we’re trying to raise our son in a way that he will appreciate good food, so I love the cause behind it. I’m pretty sure this will attract many people that will help Jamie to spread his message with a higher impact than before.

What are your thoughts on Jamie’s fight for a healthier world? Other stuff he could/should do?