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It’s been said a thousand times: Twitter is big business nowadays. Mariah Carey got her fans to guess the names of her newborn twins on Twitter, the death of Osama Bin Laden was announced on Twitter ahead of traditional news channels and the royal family decided to block every internet connection in Westminster Abbey to prevent the guests from tweeting through the wedding of Kate and William.

But the buzz surrounding Twitter mainly focuses on communication between individuals: Why do people use Twitter? What do they share? Who are the talking to? Although it’s true that this one-to-one communication still makes out the biggest chunk of the Twitter conversations, companies and brands are also looking into this social network. To map the use of Twitter within companies and to benchmark the current situation and how it should evolve in the future, InSites Consulting decided to start a sequel of The Ultimate Twitter Study, conducted in 2009. The first edition of this study aimed to explore the way consumers used and looked at Twitter, and how this social media channel could be of importance in people’s lives. Today, our focus lies on brands and companies. We want to gain insights in how brands use Twitter as a medium within their communication strategy and how this could be improved in the future, as well as look at how consumers think about the presence and the activity of brands on Twitter.

Interested? Join us on and @UltiTwitStudy! We will keep you posted on the progress of the study, ask for your participation when needed and provide feedback about the results as soon as possible. If you want to look into the results of the first study in 2009, check Thanks a lot, and spread the word!