Legoland California Volvo swap

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The movie is already two months old (april 5 on LiveLeak), was put on YouTube by the Californian Legoland Team 10 days ago and is now watched for over more than 160.000 times in total at this moment. The Model Shop team at LEGOLAND California had a little fun at General Manager Peter Ronchetti’s expense …the team replaced his Volvo XC60 with a life-sized LEGO XC90 made of 201,076 LEGO bricks (via @elskamp).

The model was built in 2004 and weighs 2,934 pounds. Very conversation worthy, in my opinion. Lego’s used it’s own resources to have a litte fun, it feels authentic and allthough Ronchetti’s not THAT surprised; it’s a nice attempt to create awareness. What do you think?