“Liking” on Facebook becomes less popular, study says

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Crowd Science conducted a survey around the “Like†button on Facebook. 21% of the owners of a Facebook account “like†a brand on the social network website. When it comes to wall posts and pictures, people are more likely to “like†those elements than they like actual brands, about one third of the respondents. Almost 20% claim they don’t use the “Like†button at all. 32% say they simply don’t use Facebook to show their appreciation towards a brand.

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The younger we are, the more we hit that “Like†button. 27% of the people between 18-34 “like†branded pages more than people of age 45-64, only 18%. The education level is also an important factor: those with a high school degree (20%) say they don’t use the “Like†button, while graduate degrees (25%) “like” brands even less.

The most important reason to like something is to show support or because people enjoy what is being said or shown, which rather makes sense. 6% of the surveyed internet users like a brand, only to get a discount or to win a prize. Therefore, brands must reflect on the reasons why people like your brand. There must be made a distinction between people who want to benefit from the advantages when liking a page, and people who simply love your brand.

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