Limited access to social media at work

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Mobile users are intensive users

Surfers who consult social media via their mobiles log in an average of three times per day.  The average for people without mobile access is 1.5 times per day. Mobile users are also more active when it comes to sending messages, uploading photos and becoming fans of brands.

As a result of mobile internet, consumers can immediately share their opinions with their network, which increases the spontaneity of these messages. Expectations for the growth of mobile internet are positive, which means the use of social media will increase even more over the coming years.

55% has no or limited access to social media at work  

Over half of consumers have no, or limited access, to social media at work. Consumers in North & South America and Australia in particular face these limitations. Consumers in Eastern Europe and Asia have the fewest limitations. Companies who exclude their commercial people from social media are effectively cutting off their teams from consumers. Companies that do so are sending the message that they are not interested in having a relationship with consumers.