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Their briefing was to create a website to show everyone what efforts they are making for their workers and families, the environment and the economy at the Rainforest Alliance-certified tea plantation in Kenya.

Tribal DDB Brussels came up with a simple web application with integrated YouTube videos: These 2 minute infomercials were shot during the press trip to Kenya in September and are also shown on TV without a call-to-action (VTM/RTL).

In order to start the conversation, there is a contest on the site. The purpose of the contest is to let people support and share the positive “Lipton For The Future” stories with their Facebook and e-mail friends. The more they share, the more points they gather! The 2 winners with the highest scores in December will travel to the tea plantation in Kenya to see with their own eyes what positive project they shared with their friends!

Next to the website there is also a Facebook fan page: At this page Lipton is starting a real conversation with their fans. They’re sharing pictures and videos of their trip to Kenya in order to get feedback from their (potential) customers and fans.

Lipton is one of our first clients that is starting an online conversation like this, so they’re not only making a difference on their tea plantations but also online!