Marmite ambassadors support the launch of new concept

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A while ago, Marmite wanted to launch a new, stronger taste. To support this launch, they decided to look for brand lovers. They searched on social media and identified a group of real, die-hard Marmite fans. They invited these fans to come to a beautiful castle. The event was positioned as the launch of a secrete Marmite lover community: the Marmarati. The castle was an old Victorian style castle and the entire brand team of Marmite was dressed up like people living in those Victorian times. During the event, the brand team asked the Mararati to have a blind taste test. This to find out which of the new concepts scored best among the heaviest Marmite lovers.

One of the concepts was chosen and launched in the market. The communication of the launch was entirely done by the Marmarati. By sending pictures and stories to their friends, Marmite fans were informed that this new taste was really great, really something for the lovers of the brand.

Eventually, the launch was a big success and Marmite still communicates through social media with these Marmarati. A brand relationship has started. A beautiful tale about brand lovers that leverage their favorite brand.