Passion sells, a story of my favorite fries place

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He was doing research for the ideal size of his fries, doing experiments making them 1mm less thick. He was wondering what this would do to the taste, his energy bill and the level of fat. Next to that, he told me he screened all of the possible suppliers and checked them on their passion. He only wants to work with suppliers who are passionate about snacks & fries. If he feels they are ‘just doing their job’, he feels they’re worthless because they don’t help him in improving his quality and his offering.

To be honest, I was so impressed by his passion towards fries that I became a huge fan. Maybe it’s no coincidence that there are only 2 fries places left in my town. A few went out of business since he started and the other remaining one…well, I don’t see that many people there as well.

I’m convinced that his clients feel (maybe implicit) his passion and are charmed by it. Passion sells, passion creates stories and passion makes a business successful.