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Two weeks ago, the paper ‘increase your social media effectiveness in 4 steps’ was released on this blog. Looking back to the four steps in the paper, it becomes clear that each of the phases has different KPIs, different media types and even different content types.

Four steps to increase social media effectiveness

In order to boost social media effectiveness, brands and companies should discuss four steps:

  1. Channel & content strategy: define the content-conversion point
  2. Build online reach: create a community to increase the return on content creation
  3. Create engagement through fantastic content & interaction
  4. From likes to ambassadors: change a group of silent people into an active group of brand ambassadors.

Each of these phases are described in an earlier post.

KPIs, Media type & Content type

I am convinced that most companies could use their social channels more effectively. The problem is that most companies only focus on steps 2 and/or 3 of this plan. Most brainstorms start with the question ‘what should we share on Facebook?’. By taking that discussion to a higher level, you will change the way you look at social media touch points.

When using the approach outlined in this paper, it becomes obvious that the KPIs, the media types and the content types differ in each of the steps.

Reach building Content & interaction To ambassadors
KPI Social reach Engagement Recommendations
Media type Paid media and existing owned media Owned media Earned media
Content types Campaigns Content sparks Applications, online products


Use this table to plan your social media success. Most companies start without a plan and without knowing what the next step is. This leads to disappointment and low return. It is clear that each of the four steps are not completely separate. There is a lot of overlap between them. By putting them apart, it helps to make a more comprehensive plan. Working with different KPIs in each of the phases, helps to set the right mindset in your organization.

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