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Why is this topic so relevant?

  1. There is over-choice for consumers: every product has like 15 varieties, which makes it hard for consumers to make a good buying decision. Where is the time when there were only salt & paprika potato chips? Don’t you miss those days? I guess everyone still remembers the next taste variant that came to market in this market after the original two. Exactly: pickles chips. Today, we have probably more than 20 varieties in the store: impossible to deal with for a consumer.

  3. There is over-information for consumers: every consumer is exposed to about 3000 commercial messages per day: woaw! As a consequence, we don’t see them anymore and impact of traditional advertising is decreasing day after day.

Now, how can you deal with this? Increase the relevance for your consumer. There are a few ‘simple’ things you can do:

  1. Start listening: if you know what people talk about, you know the relevant topics to them. Gather insights from listening and translate them into relevant messages and products for your clients

  3. Create a community of brands ambassadors: bring people together who are positive about your brand. Involve them in almost every decision you have to make: advertising, product launches, promotions … Their involvement increases the relevance for them. Furthermore, they will talk about this with their peers, which increases the impact for your brand

  5. Join the conversation with consumers: talk to them, interact and help them with their issues. If a consumer is asking a question, the answer to that question is extremely relevant for him. Increase relevance by answering their questions, sounds easy, doesn’t it. Strange then that companies still don’t get it.

Maybe you have more ideas to increase the relevance for consumers. Let us know and see how we can take this forward…