Scott Monty: How Ford engages customers with social media

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We’ve written about the social media efforts of Ford at this blog before, and we will probably continue to do so, because the social media efforts at Ford are being managed by a very interesting person, Scott Monty. Michael Stelzner, who’s doing an amazing job as the founder and main contributor to SocialMediaExaminer, recently interviewed Monty and published the video on his website. Check it out below, find out how Ford engages customers via social media!

Some of the things you’ll learn in this video:

  • Ford’s experience with Google+ and its potential for brands
  • How the conversation on Google+ is different
  • How their blogging impacts sales
  • What Ford is doing to stimulate fan engagement
  • How Ford wants to bring social media inside cars
  • How to make humor work in your social media marketing
  • Why you need to focus on creating a story
  • The upcoming trends in social media

Sit back. Get your earphones on. These 8 minutes will defintely be NOT a waste of time! Thanks Michael Stelzner, for sharing!