Stop evangelizing about social media & conversation management

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EvangelizeA big thank you to all of you who have been promoting our belief so strongly. But now, we need you to become project managers (sorry for the boring word). Define conversation management projects and manage them like any other project in your company. Add timing, costs, objectives, KPIs, to it and present them to your management.

Projects have the advantage that we can make them happen. They make conversation management tangible. Organizations now have a need for clear & understandable projects. They are certainly not looking for the next big thing. They just realized now that there is a need for change. If we keep bombing them with new stuff, they never have time to start their change. They constantly wait for the right moment to move. And the right moment to move in a big company is when they have the feeling times are stable again. Of course we all know that times are not stable, but we need to stop saying that to our management.

Pretend that we live in stable times, that it is clear what to do next and define the projects to start the change. So please: stop evangelizing and start managing those projects.