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When a customer wants to express how they feel about a product or brand, the easiest and fastest way to do so is to put it on Twitter or Facebook (check out how Vodafone is managing these social customer contact channels in a 24/7 way). Although a company’s answer is necessary, 25 % of the companies do not respond to the complaints or comments of customers, made on Twitter (14% on Facebook). This has been investigated by feedback management software provider MarketTools.


frequency with which their company uses facebook and twitter to respond to customers' comments or complaints according to US executives, september 2011Losing a customer’s trust is mostly due to ignorance. Some companies (22%) don’t have a clue whether or not their customers use social media to share their feedback with other people. And almost 50% of the respondents don’t believe that their customers complain online. Still, it is very important for B2C companies in particular, to give the consumer the attention and interaction they need. Sometimes that already can be enough to remove negative comments from a social platform.