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Before Twitter and Facebook were the talk of the town in the world of internet, there was something like blogs, or weblogs. If you didn’t blog, you were a nobody. That was 2005. The way I see it, blogs are still the talk of the town, but their role in the internet ecosystem is probably somehow changing. They can and will be fast, but Twitter is faster. They are and can be personal, but Facebook’s there for your friends. But… in an internet experience that is very “now”, blogs serve as a solid foundation for content and spreading ideas in more then 140 characters. How many times did you tweet a blogpost in your life? At Technorati, they’ve monitored the blogosphere for years. In the beginning of this month, they’ve published the State of the Blogospere 2011. A must read, we think.

Active bloggers Technorati State of the Blogosphere 2011

70% of all bloggers use their blog to share their expertise and experience with others. Professionals also use their blog as a way to make money or supplement their income. Corporate and Entrepreneur bloggers are looking to gain professional recognition, while also using their blog as a way to attract new clients to their business.

State of the blogosphere Technorati 2011 Why blogThe charts I’ve showed above are only a few in an enormous amount of information about blogging you will find in the report. It’s huge, and a good read for anyone interested in content marketing and blogging!