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Online video is becoming increasingly more important for companies. It is a verysuccessful medium for Content Marketing, especially when the video can also be placed on other websites and thus reach different eco-systems. In addition, online video increases the SEO of a website and the videos themselves also score very well in search engine results.

Online video can also be a good tool for start-ups and companies that launch new products and services. More and more start-up or product videos appear on homepages in order to give surfers a pleasant and fastexplanation about the website, products or services. When these videos or animations are well made, they are extremely efficient because they are educational, entertaining and short, therefore they keep the surfer’s attention. Moreover, if they are embeddable, they spread even faster over the internet and as a result of them scoring well in Google, they deliver even more visibility.

There are three reasons why start-up videos score well in an online marketing strategy:

  1. Start-up videos can be very convincing so they canincrease the ROI of a website. Internet surfers usually don’t have much time, are overloaded with information and are very quickly distracted. They don’t have the time to read and wade through texts and web pages thoroughly. An animated video catches the attention, demands less energy to watch and the video provides much more information in a shorter time span.
  2. A start-up video createsBrand and Product Awareness. When the video is produced professionally and in an educative and captivating way, then it will be distributed via the internet. People will share it with their friends on social networks; bloggers will write about it and embed the animation. In this way the video achieves a larger audience and a wider online awareness.
  3. Product videos can contain acall-to-action at the end. They tell a story and create a bond with the visitor. They outline a problem, provide the solution and can connect to a call-to-action: a test, a discount, a benefit. In this way the viewer of the video becomes much more strongly associated with the product. Furthermore, the call-to-action at the end will yield many more results than, for example, a classic banner advertisement.

By way of illustration, some recent examples of start-up videos

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