The biggest struggles for social media marketers

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Forrester Research recently published (via: Marketingfacts, Dutch) a research under 132 European social media marketers. The research found, that they are struggling with measurement of social media and social media ROI and with human resources. A lot of marketers are having trouble getting budget approved for social media activities. Only 4 percent of the marketers says generating engagement and positive conversations are being prioritized in measuring ROI. And: because of the “bad measuring” marketers are having the biggest problems to adress the budget of social media compared to other channels.

Ok, so measuring and reporting, the comparison between social media and other channels: it’s difficult. But don’t forget about the number 2: the uncertainty of success…. Yes, we live in uncertain times with economic downturns doing strange things at the commercial markets. When the prove of the pudding is far away, it’s maybe hard to convince management to push the button for more social media marketing. But let us also say that there’s a big blindspot here and that’s strategy (and philosphy if you want to).

Yes, it’s possible to experiment with social media. But let’s not pretend that there’s absolutely NO evidence or casestudy that should get you on the right track and let you decide to go left or right in your social media efforts. And let us also not say, that there are no “oldschool” marketing tactics that you can use while “doing” social media. Think only about content marketing. Old as cheese, still sticks… 😉