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When most people think about content and conversation management they tend to think about the fancy, in the eyes of some marketers more “sexy” stuff: a Facebook page or even the wildest dream of each marketeer: a viral video, that really GOES viral. The SlideShow you’ll find here however gives some more inspiration and sums up 42 ways to connect with your customers. They even ranked them and for me the ranking is sometimes surprising. I will give you my “surprise top-5”:

  1. The whitepaper: I already heard of it and it sounds rather scientific. However it can be a great conversation-starter and position your company/brand as a center of expertise. I think this justifies the top 3-ranking of this tool
  2. The eBook: I was a bit surprised that it was in the top 5 but when I think back at the stuff I receive, an eBook, in one or the other way, always let’s me talk with colleagues or friends. So yes, a good conversation starter.
  3. The Case Study: In my opinion, easy but often overlooked content. Often used in a sales context where for me it is not always seen as content. However, it opens a door to talk about your product or service.
  4. Industry Ranking System: Like mentioned in the slides, people love lists. They start to talk about it. The ones I think spontaneously of is the Forbes list with all the richest people on earth and the brand-list from Reader’s digest. For me, the big challenge with this tool is that people talk about the brand how made the list and not only about the list itself or the brands or people that are in the list.
  5. The Comic Book: Still in the top 30 is this unusual medium. I think it is not suited for all companies. It has to fit with your company image. But when this is the case, the natural and less official way of this medium, can be very powerful.

[slideshare id=8813793&doc=2011playbook-110809204928-phpapp02]

Enjoy the list and certainly let me know which is your favorite one (or the most surprising in the list).