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Father Roderick is CEO of SQPN – Star Quest Production Network – an organization creating ‘engaging media that serves the Church, evangelizes the world, and forms an authentic community’. In a kind of daring way, Father Roderick succeeds in turning an outdated looking ‘product’ into a contagious story by managing & starting conversations via new media. Every morning Father Roderick brings his daily breakfast-podcast to the online spheres, inspiring people and followers around the globe. Doing so, he’s bringing together kindred spirits into a ‘virtual church’ with a massive turnout. His key ingredients: passion – the willingness to “share something of [his] enthusiasm” & new media!

And it seems people (even non-Catholics!) really favor his conversational style:

Vonhögen gives indispensable access to modern European Catholicism, and if you feel the Catholic church has lost its modern context, I encourage you to give this priest a chance at changing your mind.”

“I am not a Catholic, but I had heard a few things about the Catholic Insider Podcast, so I decided to give it a listen. The thing that immediately jumped out at me was the obvious enthusiasm that Father Vonhögen possesses. This enthusiasm shines through whether he is talking about secular matters such as podcasting, or about spiritual matters such as faith.”

Vonhogen has produced one of the more livelier, entertaining podcasts I’ve listened to thus far. And this is from a priest! :)”

The story of Father Roderick shows that solid conversation management (while embracing new media) really can make the difference. Amen 🙂

Father Roderick in the Vatican:


Father Roderick live on USTREAM: