The shift from Mobile First to AI first: everything you need to know

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In the new AI-driven world, the experience for most customers is going to improve dramatically, and will be characterized by three major trends, as AI begins to anticipate and shape itself to individual customer needs. The first of these is Faster-than-real-time customer service. Artificial intelligence is going to have enough contextual awareness to start to know what a customer needs before he or she knows it. The second, is the hyper-personalization of every service a customer interacts with. Rather than the customer experience being dominated by cookie-cutter services designed for the median customer, everything is going to be created for the individual. And finally, as artificial intelligence learns more about what each customer uses the service for, the user interfaces are going to be more convenient than anything the world has seen. This all to optimize each customer experience.

All of this is going to create a new kind of customer that you haven’t had to deal with before. More aware, more discerning, more powerful. And you need to start – today – looking at where you’re putting your company resources. Are you trying to serve the customer of today… or the customer of The Day after Tomorrow?

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