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Kevin Dean [@kevinjdean], Chief Social Strategist at CrushIQ, modified the strategy map concept to work for social media marketing. A nice concept to understand the direct link that social media and consumer engagement have to an organization’s financial objectives. And also a concept that… will urge you to stop playing with Social Media like a child.

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If you have kids you probably recognize the situation that Kevin Dean describes to explain what the social strategy map offers:

Have you ever watched a kid’s game?
The goal and basic principles of the game are always the same; Get the ball through the goal more times then the other team. But how children play the game is amusingly. They all just run after the ball chasing it around. On the other hand watching the Pros play the game is a completely different experience. It’s like a well-choreographed yet spontaneous performance. The pros know how to move off the ball, when to move to and when to with the ball. The Pros play with grace and purpose.The question is do you run your business like a child or a professional? Kids just run after the ball and a lot, if not most people, do that with Social Media. They say “Oh look! Everyone seems to be building Facebook fans pages. Well maybe I should to.†So they run to set up a Facebook page. Then they say “Oh look! Google launched a new site. Let me run over there too.

With the Social Strategy Map Dean tries to be your consumer engagement coach. Teaching you the fundamentals of a Social Strategy. So, stop playing like a child with Social Media. Read it, create and implement an effective strategy and play it like a pro!