There we go (again): Social Media Revolution 2011

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Jep. Another year, another Social Media Revolution. Socialnomics did it in 2009 (remember the Fatboy Slim tune?), 2010, they made a movie about social media ROI and saw their (beautifully designed but rather superficial) video’s appear in almost every presentation given by people who’re keen on claiming the social media expert status. That said: there’s another one. And yes, it is again stuff worth sharing. Yes, this probably helps spread the word about the promise of social media, we think. We especially like the tagline “Social Media is about people”; a tagline we firmly believe in. Here it is (via):

2011 video

At SocialNomics, they said in 2009 the internet shift now going on is maybe “the biggest shift since the Industrial Revolution?” Or are social media a fad? We can downplay such highbrowed comparisons very easy by saying there’s nothing that new. We could say that social media is just the talk with our friends in a bar. But it isn’t, it’s far beyond. I’ll get back to that soonish in another blogpost.

2009 video

2010 video (Refresh)

Social Media ROI

What does this tell us?
Not an awful lot, in my opinion. But as said: these video’s are a nice indication of where it’s going. That said. it’s probably helpful if we keep up doing research like this, to keep proving what has been said many, many times: the consumer is in the lead, advertisers should have a relevant message don’t push but pull and try to create stuff worth sharing.