This is what we’ve been reading this week

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Every week we come across many great articles on the Web. We think it’s relevant to share the best ones with you:

  1. The Future of Touchscreen Technology
  2. 1 million Facebook fans brings in an average of 826 likes and 309 comments per post
  3. Has Twitter Eclipsed 300 Million Users?
  4. 11 Ways to Find New Content for Your Social Strategy
  5. 6 ways to grow your business through content
  6. Content strategy should focus on getting clients through the buying funnel
  7. Apps 6 Times More Popular than Web on Phones, Less Popular on Tablets
  8. San Francisco Bay Bridge Becomes iPad Game
  9. Get Agile: Running a Marketing Team Like a Startup
  10. Community Manager: from data to dialogue management

Feel free to add your top reads in the comments. Have a great weekend!