To be successful in social media, we should learn from our kids

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My son is 19 months old. His name is Siebe and I truly see him as my personal hero! One of the great things to do as a dad is observe your child, don’t you agree. Seeing how they play and how they discover the world, is just amazing. By observing him, I realized that we all need to learn from the behavior of little kids. Especially when it is about dealing with change and being open.

Here are some of the observations I made that can be linked to being (un)successful in social media:

  • They are the real believers of Churchill’s quote: ‘Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.’ We adults are very bad in executing this quote. When we need to learn something new, well, we just want things to go smooth or we become very grumpy. Our efforts to invest in new stuff are often limited.
  • They truly understand what openness means: a child doesn’t care about its environment to say the truth. Marketers are talking about openness on about every marketing conference there is, but still we are suffering from it.
  • They live in the present: when something goes wrong, they feel bad but a few moments later they are already excited about something new. We, adults, carry a bag full of bad memories that pop-up now and then. These bad memories hold us from moving forward, trying new stuff and really be focused on the long term goal.

Do you see other stuff that we should learn from our kids?