#TSC12: Power to the People on The Social Conference 2012

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At The Social Conference, organized in Amsterdam by Emerce and KREM, Steven Van Belleghem was invited for a short speech about “Power tot the people”. A talk about co-creation as an opportunistic marketing tactic, the outsourcing of purchasing to fans, the use of a community of brandfans for advice on the choosing of a new advertising agency and involved consumers.

But also: employees who are not on the payroll, structural collaboration on social media and a lot of witty jokes on brandmanagers and Nutella. A very interesting remark came from the audience: which of the examples of companies in the presentation below are REALLY putting consumers in the boardroom? Top management of a lot of the examples in Steven’s presentation are not REALLY interested in social media, they have learned to do so because of the prizes their marketing departments are winning. Steven’s answer was that, yes, true collaboration with consumers and bringing consumers into boardrooms NEEDS management support, at all time. Also from the C-level. Otherwise, you will fail, undoubtedly. Find the presentation below!

[slideshare id=10441670&doc=powertothepeople-111203003356-phpapp01]