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Which social media do people use and in what way? Is the choice of media connected to their age?

WDM Belgium’s Social Media Barometer reveals relevant data and manyinsights concerning the use of social media in Belgium. The starting point for this study was Forrester‘s Social Technographics Model, based on the answers of 8.500 people (via Permesso.be).

Social media is a broad term that covers a lot of different things such as networks, forums, multimedia, online tools and applications, blogs, tweets, podcasts, customer reviews, etc. This diversity gives an indiciation of the opportunities it offers for marketing.

Some of social media’s main strengths are: interactivity, quick responses, quick distribution, and spontaneity. All this enables customer experiences, recommendations and information; the right message at the right time and place to be spread rapidly and efficiently.

Nevertheless, social media users do remain critical and pay attention to their privacy. They value personal contacts and communication. Advertisers should keep this in mind.

All active social media players know that social media cannot be used in the same way as other media. So, even though marketing gets another dimension through social media, it doesn’t happen overnight and without a struggle!

As a consequence, marketers are permanently in a “learn and test process†which makes our jobs more captivating.

You can find the White Paper – Social Media Barometer (in Dutch) here:

[slideshare id=7347072&doc=whitepapersocialmediabarometer-110322100024-phpapp01&type=d]

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