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LinkedIn is quite popular in Belgium. Close to a million Belgians made a profile on the employment-oriented social network. LinkedIn managed to profile itself as a social network that is not a facebook or twitter competitor, but offers an added value. The users may be roughly the same, but the atmosphere and use of LinkedIn is sufficiently different. Information on LinkedIn is perceived differently compared to other social networks on the internet itself. It is seen as objective and correct. People interact in a business-like way. The famed mix of corporate and casual is not that visible here.

A feature LinkedIn started offering quite a while ago, is company pages. Quite logical, LinkedIn has a huge database filled with company information, all of them eager to present themselves in a certain way. What I like to call the online personality of a company. Rolling out company pages was the next step towards a social network for companies within an existing business-oriented social network.

Social businesscard
This is a great opportunity for us, social media buffs. The company page allows us to introduce a company, share short news, import an rss-feed, link to the homepage of the company, list all employees and more. The social businesscard of the company. And it’s social! There’s a follow button so you can keep track of your favourite companies. You never know…

LinkedIn doesn’t lose track of its core business as a social network for recruitment and offers a job listing on your company page. This is a paid feature, but the price is very reasonable. LinkedIn users have a filled out and very up to date resume and can apply for a job with the click of a mouse. This makes it very easy for them, and equally easy for the company to review the applicants. A lot of information that was hard to get in the past, is now readily available. A person’s network, recommendations, even the recently introduced “causesâ€â€¦ That information is worth a lot for companies.

Products and services
More social (and SEO?) candy. You can add the products and services of the company. Complete with keywords, links, youtube videos,… And a very interesting but underused feature to recommend and share a product or service.


Imagine the possibilities. We can look for a product on LinkedIn and see which ones are recommended by people we know, or admire. This is more powerful than Yelp! since the social element is already in place. We know the people recommending this, or we can at least figure out they know their stuff because of their (public) profile. And since people are so recognizable on LinkedIn, the chance for useless feedback is very small.

Most companies haven’t figured it out yet. We are ahead of the curve. So get to work and make a company page on LinkedIn. Don’t forget the social features!!

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