What your event can learn from the royal wedding?

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This Friday the world has one of the biggest events of the year planned. If you haven’t heard what I’m talking about, you must have been on a different planet. The #royalwedding hashtag is already booming for days on Twitter. Newspapers are reporting on a daily basis about the first big wedding of the century.

As marketers and managers, there is a lot we can learn from this event to implement in our own marketing.

Here are some of the ideas that you can use in your next event:
• Sneak previews. Why not launch a sneak preview about a detail of your event. I read that Kate wants to change some of the traditional wedding vows. The press jumped on top of that, but it created a lot of conversations among a broad audience. Maybe there are some fun facts that you can release upfront.
• Multi-media. Most events are organized offline. Try to find partners (or organize it yourself) to live stream your event online. Millions of people are seeing the wedding live, billions on tv but I’m quite sure that millions more will join in through social media. Covering all media when you organize an event is certainly a plus
• Traditional online media and social media walk hand in hand. Sites from tv stations will broadcast the event, but so will YouTube. Learning here is that one should rule out the other. It’s just about capturing all people possible.
• Pre-announce a #tag. Don’t wait for the event to launch a #tag but make sure people know how to communicate early about your event. Make sure they can tell their network about you. Next to a #tag, it’s also smart to create Facebook and LinkedIn events where people can join in.
• Create the possibility for people to engage. For the real fans of the royal wedding, there are several online spots to congratulate the young couple. They have a Flickr photo album and a guest book on YouTube. Why not create similar engagement channels for your clients/target group when you organize an event.

If you see more learning’s, please let me know.