When on Twitter, act like you’re in a bar

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Sometimes you’re with your friends talking and some nights you decide to stay home, missing out on all the juicy stories of that night. As a brand, best is to join in and be part of the regulars in the bar. Make some friends, listen to their stories and tell them something about yourself. Help them when needed and don’t forget to buy them a beer when it’s your turn to pay.

You know what I always hate in a bar? Those guys walking around who want to sell me stuff (like flowers) when I’m talking with my friends. Nobody likes to be disturbed by sales people when you’re in a bar, same goes for Twitter. Next to that, it is almost impossible to become one of ‘the guys in the bar’, if you only show up every three months. Especially if you start to shout your latest news as soon as you walk into the pub. Same again for brands: if you only show up if you have something to say and you’re already gone by the time someone notices you or asks a question, people won’t connect with you.

Finally, the time I spend in bars during my student years are starting to pay off: life in a bar and life in Twitter: it comes pretty close.