Who’s the king?

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People from my generation – also known as Gen Y (top topical these days, thanks to Joeri Van den Bergh) – will most probably associate this title with a song from Dog Eat Dog. But I’m not referring to this punk band, neither to the #nogov political deadlock in Belgium. This post deals with the evolution of what is concerned to be the essence on the world wide web.

Content is king

Bill Gates first made this statement in 1996, but it definitely is a multiple repeated one!

Context is king

A couple of years later, content was no longer considered to wear the crown. Context now did because it added relevance to content. And this relevance was crucial for what is called the social web – an e-land with increasing attention for the individual, the customer.

Contact is king

Nowadays, conversation – or described as contact by Peter Hinssen – is the talk of the town. Listening to the customer doesn’t suffice anymore. After the listening comes the talking, and again listening, and again talking, and sometimes keeping silent.

King Content. King Context. King Contact. Looking forward to whoever will be the new monarch! Do you know? Join us on Twitter via @BConversational or @elidesc. Thanks for using the #cm48 hashtag!