Why blogs fail: 7 reasons

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“Most blogs don’t get the traffic or the attention they desire.” At SocialMediaExaminer they’ve come up with a nice checklist or ‘fail-list’ for everyone who’s involved in blogging. Of course, there are a lot of blogging tips out there like this one, to improve your own blogging skills or to increase traffic. Blogs are great tools to drive conversations, to discuss and to spread or sharpen your ideas. But you can also make a lot of (basic) mistakes. Below you’ll find seven (in the SocialMediaExaminer post you’ll find what you can do about it):

  • Mistake #1: It’s all about you
  • Mistake #2: You’re overselling
  • Mistake #3: You’re not embracing outside experts
  • Mistake #4: You don’t produce useful information.
  • Mistake #5: You haven’t made it easy for people to share
  • Mistake #6: You aren’t engaging people
  • Mistake #7: You’re not giving people a reason to return

When reading the full story: I’ve found more than one reason where we ourselves can improve big time. Do you know more reasons than the 7 Michael Stelzner’s come up with at SME? Please respond in the comments (taking mistake #6 into account).