Why every company should use Pinterest?

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Pinterest is popular among women, in particular young women. It’s a dream to use Pinterest if you’re a man. It’s the ultimate free research tool that teaches you all you need to know about women. The answer to ‘what women want’ is finally available and it’s called ‘Pinterest’.

Since the target group is so clearly defined it’s easy for companies to form an opinion on Pinterest. Every company in the fashion and design industry is in a hurry to discover Pinterest. Women compile a wishlist and influence each other’s consumer behavior. The instant Pinterest adds an e-commerce option to their user interface all bets will be off. Companies from other sectors that are not (stereo)typically feminine will have nothing to do with Pinterest.

I have a different opinion and my point of view is pretty extreme.

I think every company can benefit from discovering Pinterest. My core argument doesn’t involve the platform as such; I find the visual aspect of the site more important. Pinterest is a lovely site. Pinterest is all about great design. I think it would be useful for any company to use Pinterest in order to learn how to think visually. Pinterest forces you to present matters in a visually attractive manner. The design of your content is more than half the battle. If good content is presented in a visually appealing way then your site will be successful. Pinterest forces you to do just that. For this reason alone it is extremely interesting to go down this path.

It is also interesting to boost your online ecosystem. Too many companies view the adoption of new social media channels as an additional cost. This is because most companies manage those channels as silos instead of as an integrated system. Every company incorporates pictures and images in their implementation of content marketing. You need to make use of these images somewhere so you may as well start a collection on Pinterest instead of simply storing them on your server. Consider Pinterest as a kind of ‘free software’ enabling you to park your images in a convenient place. This will make your own site/blog much more visual which, in turn, will heighten its impact. The fact that you’re building an attractive visual profile on a trendy new site is an added bonus.

This is the unique combination Pinterest offers: it forces you to think visually and it helps you build a strong visual archive on a trendy site. A must for all companies across all sectors.