Why I wrote ‘The Offer You Can’t Refuse’

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The world needs perspective and positivism

The world is currently in need of perspective, of hope, of positive signals. Because of Covid-19 many people have lost loved ones, have suffered themselves or worried about the health of their family members. On top of these personal losses, Covid-19 has taken away a big part of our social life, it has ruined entire industries and replaced our world of personal freedom with a world of rules and regulations. More than ever, the world needs positive signals and movements. The story of ‘the offer you can’t refuse’ brings a story of a positive future. I am optimistic about the possibilities of new technologies, a positive mindset and the ability of companies to make profound changes. My passion is to convince business leaders, entrepreneurs and managers of their positive role in changing society for the better by focusing on the people whose lives are touched by their organisations, either as customers or employees.

This is a turning point.

The world is at a turning point. Not just because of Covid-19. The pandemic merely accelerated a number of trends that were already emerging. The turning point affects different social layers as well.

First of all, the digital world is growing faster than ever. This is the end of digital versus analogue, of online versus offline. We are now entering a hybrid world where almost every aspect of our lives will include a digital component. This evolution has a huge impact on the interactions between companies and customers. In my new book I’ve described this new digital world in great detail in order to give companies the ideas and vision they need to move forward in this new digital phase.

Secondly, the attitude of the world is changing. People see the challenges the world is facing. Healthcare, climate and inequality are just a few of the serious problems we need to solve. People react differently to these challenges. Some people are afraid of them, others try to meet them and some even try to ignore them. This is the time for your organisation to stand up. When it comes to dealing with global challenges, people tend to place more trust in companies than in governments. Companies have the resources and the ability to make a difference. In my book I invite companies to think about the changes they can effect in THEIR world. It’s not about changing the world, it’s about changing YOUR world. I wrote this book in hopes that companies would think about the trade-off in their industry. What is the good versus the bad in your market? And once you understand that trade-off, how can you reduce or maybe even eliminate it? That’s one of the outcomes I hope to achieve with this new story.


Create ‘an offer you can’t refuse’ for the people you work with

My dream is to ignite positive change in organisations. I hope companies will look into some of the ideas that I believe in and act on them. This book – the offer you can’t refuse – is written for all companies that want to make a positive impact on the people they work with/for.