Why saying thank you on Twitter is so important

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Imagine this: you’re driving home on a Friday night. You are in a hurry but traffic, as always, is stuck. You will be late for a great dinner party. Right at that time, another car is trying to force itself between your car and the car in front of you. The driver obviously didn’t wait in line, but tried to gain some time by skipping traffic. We all know these drivers (and one time we all were perhaps that driver).

VerkeersagressieEven though you’re late, you’re in a good mood. So, you decide to let the car through. At that point, what are your expectations towards the driver of this car? Exactly! Just a short wave by the hand is what we expect.

Just consider this: what is your reaction if that little wave doesn’t come? Right! It brings out the worst in us: scary and dangerous language is the most usual reaction.

Now translate this to Twitter. If somebody is doing something positive for you, if somebody is doing an effort for you, maybe you should give them a little wave.