Why the hostess had to tell me why

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A couple of weeks ago I was planning for a relaxation day. I booked an arrangement at a wellness center including a hot stone massage. You know the feeling it gives you, right?The joy starts while only thinking about it. So what would you do when the hostess at the wellness center sends you an e-mail, telling you your booking needs to be rescheduled?

Actually, that’s what happened to me today. Although the lady told me she felt sorry, she didn’t tell me ‘why’. And that’s the most prominent reason for my dissappointment. There might be a logical reason to reschedule. But if she doesn’t tell me, why should I even try to care and be understanding? So I replied and explained her that this is not how I roll. And I specifically told her ‘why’: since it’s across the border, in Belgium and I already booked a hotel. Besides, I had to take a day off from work! I demanded a fair compensation for this terrible customer service.

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Then the lady e-mailed me explaining that her daughter has to visit the hospital for an emergency.It was starting to make sense. Of course, you should always have a back-up, but it’s understandable. Now I won’t go out there to tell other consumers why they should never go there. Instead, the lady even built credits when she told me to try her best to sort things out.

What makes sense for you does not always makes sense to others. That’s why you should always explain why. This is true for marketing.By answering why, you show people that what you tell them makes sense.

Why should you care? Because it helps people to understand your intentions. And if your explanation makes sense, why should they even try to disagree with you?