WOM-Study & Presentation: Herta Cake Dough

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Herta Cake Dough. A brand that is all about sharingwarm experiences and prepare home-baked cakein a convenient way. The ideal case for a WOM-agency, that invites consumers to spread the word among their peers, after experiencing the brand full-on. Herta asked our friends from The Insiders to start a WOM-campaign. And The Insiders asked InSites Consulting (Already confused by the names?) to track how WOM spreads, and what makes a conversation successful.Very soon, we’ll be launching a paper about this, where we willshowthat a dedicated WOM campaign can result in more conversations, reach and impact compared to a natural situation. In the mean time, Bjorn Cassier from the Insiders was invited to preview this case on the “Consumer Empowerment” event organized by Stichting Marketing. His slideshare is attached below: