YouTube video’s are the perfect way to humanize your brand

Home YouTube video’s are the perfect way to humanize your brand

Customers want to see and hear the real face of a company. Humanization of brands is definitely a trend. Evolving from the big, untouchable, impersonal brand towards a brand of flesh and bone is what consumers want.
Question is how can you do this?

In the offline world it is pretty easy as you can create real life experiences between consumers and brands. In the online world it is less tangible. People may doubt that a CEO’s blog is actually written by a CEO. People wonder who is managing the corporate Twitter account. All these forms of communication are not 100% humanizing the brand.

Video is probably the only medium where there is no doubt about the person addressing you.

There are however a few things to take into account when producing your video:

1. Make it short & compelling: nobody likes to watch a 30 minute video. Include the core of the message in a short but clear video. There is always the possibility to include a written summary of the video as well. So your customers can watch the video and scan the content at the same time.

2. Natural language & attitude: if the message looks too well prepared, the humanization effect will decrease. People will feel that the text is rehearsed and then again it is becoming impersonal, even though you are reading it in a video.

3. Create a habit: a onetime video won’t do the trick. Just like in blogging, it’s better to keep the rhythm going. Make sure you update your content often enough to make keep the content relevant for your consumers.